Trenchless Sewer Drain Replacement

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When your sewer line is damaged, broken or clogged and blocked by tree roots, you will need to have the line repaired or replaced.  Trenchless technology allows us to burrow through the existing line and pull a new sewer pipe into the current sewer line path.


This method is an alternative to the traditional sewer line repair, that involves digging up the existing sewer line which is often buried beneath your valuable landscape or hardscape.  Trenchless technology can save you a considerable amount of time, compared to digging and replacing your old sewer line.  It is of particular importance, when the preservation of your landscape or hardscape is a significant factor of the job.  We typically need to dig two small holes to accomplish the trenchless replacement, as opposed to massive trenches which require backfilling and can temporarily destroy the beauty of your yard.


All Referral Plumbing, Inc., will assess your sewer line replacement options and help you with your sewer line project, with a minimum of disruption to your yard and driveway.